What are the F1 rule changes for 2014? McLaren infographic explains the sport’s new look

A lower chassis, skinnier rear wings and turbo engines: see what you can expect from the new season with this incredible image

Mark ThompsonPositive start: McLaren had a strong first few days of testing in Jerez
F1 enters a new era next month when teams place their revamped cars on the grid in Melbourne.

A whole host of rule changes were introduced ahead of the new season, forcing the sport’s designers and engineers into a rethink.

Each of the cars have been unveiled, while testing took place in Jerez last month.

There’s a four-day test at Bahrain beginning on Wednesday, with a further four days of testing in the same location at the end of the month.

And ahead of the new season, you can get your head about some of the new rules here with this superb live blog created by McLaren.



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