Estimate: Rais M’Bolhi on experimentation with Bolton Wanderers

The current chapter in the Rais M’Bolhi saga could be the penultimate, if recent reports are to be believed. The Algerian netminder is reportedly trialling with Bolton Wanderers of the Title (England’s back segmentation), according to Algerian receptacle EL GOUAL. Bolton fan tract rt33 says that M’Bolhi started his experiment today and would most likely process as approval to new name one position Ben Book. Also trialing with M’Bolhi is Courtney Meppen-Walter, most new of Carlisle Conjugate of England’s Association Two (the quaternary and minimal athlete division).

Deed rid of M’Bolhi has been one of the Philadelphia Healing’s largest concerns, since the goalie has been away from the order since beingness benched after a 3-2 casualty to Fair Kansas Port on April 5. In his nine MLS appearances, M’Bolhi was 1-4-4 with a 1.44 goals against calculate, and his $350,000 a period salary was perhaps one of the greatest things holding up the Organization from making moves during the offseason and transferral pane.

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