Conformity of industrial products: Algeria draws on European experience

ALGIERS- A normative system, similar to the one owned by the European Union, will be set up to reinforce the control of the imported or the manufactured locally industrial products, Trade Ministry’s Director for Economic Control and Fraud Crackdown Mimoun Bouras told APS.

This system, which development and implementation will be carried out jointly by the ministries of Trade and Industry and Mines, will be based on the system applied by the EU, mainly based on the “CE” labelling (comply with requirements).

The “CE” labelling, which is a statement of conformity with the European directives, indicates that the product meets European safety standards and can thus be sold freely.

Such a system does not exist in Algeria, which resources are currently limited to effectively supervise the control of industrial products for the final consumer, the same official said.

Consequently, “the Algerian market sees the proliferation of industrial products, notably the imported ones, with a dual characteristic: counterfeited products of recognized brands and a security below the normative specifications used internationally,” noted Bouras.

”We have already begun to develop standards to improve the control operations over the products before their clearing for consumption,” he said.

Currently, control on the conformity of industrial products is carried out in three phases: The documentary and visual inspection, checking the existence of the guarantee certificate and, if necessary, sampling.


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