Eighteen smugglers of different nationalities apprehended in In Guezzam

ALGIERS-Eighteen (18) smugglers of different African nationalities were apprehended during an ambush Wednesday near the borders in In Guezzam by elements of the People’s National Army (ANP), the National Defence Ministry announced Thursday.

“As part of border security and the fight against organized crime, a detachment of the ANP under the operational area of In Guezzam (6th military region) apprehended 18 smugglers of different African nationalities, during an ambush near the borders on 12 August 2015, and seized 13 metal detectors, 3 jackhammers, 2 generators, 2 motorbikes and an off-road vehicle loaded with a ton of food,” the source said.

“Moreover, elements of Border guards of Bab El Assa Tlemcen under the operational area of Tlemcen (2nd military region) seized 1440 litres of fuel for smuggling,” according to the ministry.

Besides, 360 litres of fuel were seized near the border by a detachment under the operational area of ​​El Oued (4th military region),” the same source added.

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