Foreign trade: Prices of imported goods by Algeria fall

Most prices of imported products by Algeria fell during the first five months of 2015 compared to the same period of 2014. The decrease mainly concerned those of raw food materials and cement.

The import prices were down 42% for milk powder, 19% for crude oils, 18% for maize, 17% for white sugar, 14% for soft wheat and 6% for brown sugars, said the Trade Ministry’s analysis notes on imports.

This downward trend in import prices has also affected rice (-48%), frozen fish (36%), beans (-29%), infant milk (-24%), triple concentrated tomato (-5%), chilled beef (-3%) and some fresh and dried fruits.

However, prices of some imported products rose such double tomato concentrate (+39%), lentils (+ 32%), pasta (+ 30%) and frozen beef (+ 16%).

In addition to food products, import prices of cement registered a decrease ranging between 3 and 4%.


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