David Cameron branded ‘insane’ by environmental campaigners over flights on RAF jet to extend holiday

Friends of the Earth said the hectic flight schedule made a mockery of the the PM’s pledge to lead the “greenest government ever”

PAReturn trip: David Cameron and his wife Samantha on holiday in Portugal last year
David Cameron has been branded “insane” for jetting around Europe in a private RAF plane so he can squeeze in a single extra day’s holiday.

The Prime Minister flew to Portugal on Saturday for the start of a family break, the second of four he is expected to take this year.

Today Mr Cameron took a Royal Squadron flight to Glasgow for the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games – even though there was an easyJet service to nearby Edinburgh.

Spin doctors claimed that the RAF’s VIP private plane – used to ferry the Queen and other royals around the globe – was the “most practical and pragmatic” way for the PM to return for the event.

Mr Cameron was due back on board the taxpayer-funded plane again on Monday to travel to France and Belgium for commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One.

He was then getting a commercial flight back to Lisbon to rejoin his family on the last leg of a trip which covers 3,700 air miles.

Environmental pressure group Friends of the Earth said the hectic flight schedule made a mockery of the the PM’s pledge to lead the “greenest government ever”.

Spokesman Craig Bennett said: “For someone who was taken to the Arctic not just to hug huskies but to learn about climate change, this suggests David Cameron got a grade F.

“To be zig-zagging to different locations across Europe in a private jet at taxpayers’ expense in just 48 is insane and just goes to show why this is one of the least green governments ever.

“He needs to give a bit more thought to the environment and a bit less to photo ops.”

The PM, wife Sam and their children are believed to be staying on the Algarve.

The break comes three months after they enjoyed a family break on Lanzarote where Mr Cameron was stung by a jellyfish after ignoring warnings not to go back in the sea.

The trip with Nancy, eight, Arthur, six, and Florence, 23 months, will be followed by their traditional holiday in Cornwall.

They are also expected to take a break in Scotland.

Mr Cameron, famous for his love of “chillaxing”, took four family holidays to Spain, Cornwall Portugal and Scotland last year.

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