So hurt I’m not enough for my man

Mirror agony aunt Coleen Nolan says: just because he’s a good provider does not give him the licence to cheat on you
Dear Coleen
I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 11 years and he treats me and my kids very well.

And even though I work, he still provides for everything. Then a few months ago I found out he was seeing some other girl.

If we’re out together and she is there, he doesn’t act any differently – he still kisses me and behaves very affectionately.

We live together but still have time apart when we hang out with our friends and I think he spends some of that time with her.

One of his sisters, who is a friend of this girl, told me she said he will only continue to see her if she respects his relationship with me.

I am so hurt that I’m not enough for him and I’m seriously thinking about ending the relationship. What’s your advice?

Coleen says
From your letter it sounds as if you’ve never told him what you know. The first thing you have to do is tell him – then explain that you’re considering calling an end to the relationship.

Just because he’s a good provider does not give him the licence to cheat on you.

And it sounds like he’s being pretty brazen about it, too, because everyone seems to know.

He really is having his cake and eating it. Make no mistake, he is not treating you well and clearly has very little respect for you and no regard for your feelings.

You need to either find some belief in yourself and put your foot down or accept the situation for what it is and get on with it, although you don’t sound like the sort of person who would choose the latter option.

And I hope you’re not.

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