Happy birthday Helen Flanagan! Fiery Flanners turns 24 – celebrate with her wise words… and some racy pictures

Using actual quotes from Helen, we are celebrating her birthday with her own rules for life. Think Caitlin Moran, but with less sex
The busty beauty is 24 today! Instead of sending flowers or cake, we decided to celebrate with Helen’s own wise words and some of her lovely pictures.

Happy birthday Helen!

Kiss the magic card and hope!
TwitterHelen Flanagan, Christmas tweetKisses for money?
“I have a blow dry every day. It’s £25 every two days… £400 a month?! That’s a lot of money actually. Wow, £400 a month! Kiss the magic card and hope!”


She isn’t just dirty in her photoshoots
David Fisher/REXHelen Flanagan, FHM Sexiest Women Awards 2013Helen doesn’t like to clean
“I did live on my own once. It was for six months and I never cleaned it once and I never had a cleaner. When I had to move out, I had to get professional cleaners and they said ‘this is the dirtiest place I’ve ever seen.'”

“‘How come you can’t be clever and show off your body?”
hjgflanagan/instagramHelen Flanagan Valentine instagramHelen is cleverer than she seems

“People want to make me out as this brainless airhead with big boobs. It really grates and hurts so much. I absolutely hate it,’ says Helen, 22, baby blues widening with anger. ‘I can be a bit ditzy and dizzy, but I feel very misunderstood. How dare people say I’m stupid?”


InstagramHelen FlanaganCan you pass her a Flan-nel?
“She’s never really been in the garden, so taking on the Australian jungle is a huge challenge for her.”

Who needs a dressing gown when you are Helen?

ITVHelen FlanaganJungle shower klaxon!

“They charge you about 100 quid for the dressing gown (in her pre-jungle hotel). Oh, is that only if you take it? I thought if you use it you have to pay like, £100.”

“They will have to arrest me, I am still going to Boots.”
PAHelen FlanaganHelen Flanagan loves a bit of Boots

“I nearly got arrested. Basically I was in a bit of a daydream and I was feeling hot and flustered and I walked out the shop and security were like ‘excuse me, Boots security’.

“I looked down and I had £200 worth of items in my basket.

“She said, ‘right I am going to have to ring the police’. I said ‘you are joking right?’. I thought she was bantering and she wasn’t. She pulled me aside and I said it was an honest mistake and I was just being ditzy and stuff.

“She said ‘that is what they all say’.


“I said ‘oh god I am so sorry but I always do this kind of thing, leave my phone or my keys in my car or whatever’.

“It was awful, it was absolutely mortifying.

“She was about to call the police and then she said ‘I will be kind, I am going to ban you from Boots for five years’.

“I said ‘you can’t ban me from Boots for five years’, I said you can’t have the power to ban me from Boots. Boots is like a shop that I shop in all the time.”

Happy birthday Helen. We love you!

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